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What Do You Fear About Having LASIK in Buffalo, NY?

The FDA approved LASIK vision correction in 1998. Over the past 20 years, millions of people have undergone this procedure to reduce or eliminate their nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism – and their dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

While most people know someone that has had a successful LASIK procedure, when you really start researching the process you might be confronted with stories of LASIK gone wrong. At Atwal Eye Care, we have met many people who have fears of LASIK because of things they have read, stories from friends or family or even just their own internal anxieties. The most common LASIK fears are:

  • Pain
  • Bad vision results or blindness
  • Complications
  • Being awake during the procedure

These are not unfounded reservations – especially if you do not choose the very best surgeon or if you make your doctor decision based only on price. Our Buffalo, NY, LASIK doctors work hard to address every patient concern honestly and openly. For the fears mentioned above, we tell our patients the following:

  • Pain: Most patients feel very little discomfort because of the anesthetic eye drops administered before and during the procedure. After the procedure, you may feel temporary mild to moderate discomfort that can be minimized with eye drops and oral pain medication.
  • Bad vision results or blindness: About 92% of patients achieve 20/30 vision after LASIK. Problems can occur if LASIK is performed on a patient who does not have the right medical history or eye health to support the procedure. Our comprehensive LASIK Evaluation is required of all patients to ensure you are a good candidate.
  • Complications: Any type of surgery has potential risks. We will discuss those risks which may include dry eyes, halos and the need for additional enhancements or glasses after LASIK. When performed by an experienced surgeon with a long track record of success, the risk of serious complications is greatly minimized.
  • Being awake during the procedure: Numbing eye drops and mild sedatives help patients relax during this very quick procedure. Our doctors will talk to you though each step of the procedure to make you feel calm and comfortable.

The best way to face your fear of LASIK in Buffalo, NY, is to have a face-to-face discussion with the team at Atwal Eye Care. We can walk you through the obstacles and educate you on the LASIK safety measures we take with each and every patient.

The first safety measure we take is the LASIK Evaluation to ensure that your eyes are healthy enough to support the procedure. We may determine that an alternative to LASIK, such as PRK, is better suited for your eyes.

Don’t let your fear of LASIK hold you back from the possibility of living life without lenses. Contact us today to schedule your LASIK Evaluation.

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