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Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Millions of Americans have cataract surgery each year, with an overall success rate of 98% or higher, and the positive impact on patient vision is obvious. Many patients who choose laser-assisted cataract surgery report improved vision before even leaving the recovery room. What you may not realize, however, is just how much cataract surgery can benefit you in all areas of life.

Improved Mood: Vision loss has been linked to depression because patients are no longer able to do the things they were used to doing. Some lose their independence because they are no longer able to see properly to drive. Some stop their activities and hobbies because they are no longer confident they can manage on their own. After cataract surgery, patients often feel like they have their life back. Some may even experience sharper vision than before their surgery.

Renewed Enjoyment: Cataract surgery allows patients to return to the activities they love most, whether it’s reading, watching TV, driving a car or enjoying sporting events. Being able to engage in these activities directly contributes to improved quality of life.

Increased Independence: Loss of visual acuity due to cataracts robs many otherwise capable people of the ability to live independently. It’s difficult to live on your own when you can’t read medicine bottles, drive for errands or safely navigate your home. After cataract surgery, many patients find that they regain the ability to perform these common tasks. They can live more independently and return to a more social lifestyle. This can help prevent depression and improves the patient’s overall quality of life.

Fewer Injuries: Cataract surgery helps to reduce the risk of accidents, falls and injuries. When you can see properly, you are less likely to suffer a falling injury. An unseen object or change in terrain can be very dangerous. A fall can have a negative long-term effect, especially on older individuals or those with health conditions that could hinder recovery.

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