Cataract Financing

Cataract Financing Options

Because cataracts can cloud your vision and will ultimately lead to vision loss, cataract surgery is usually considered a medical necessity and is partially covered by Medicare and most health insurance plans. However, there are limitations because these plans will typically only cover standard, single-focus Intraocular Lenses (IOLs).

As you research this procedure, you will learn that you have options when it comes to cataract surgery. If you decide to move forward with multifocal IOLs to correct presbyopia or astigmatism at the same time, you will incur some out-of-pocket expense. This is because these conditions are not considered medical necessities so multifocal IOLs are considered to be “elective” options. Many of our patients feel this extra expense is worth it in the long run, as most patients with multifocal IOLs are free from glasses with these new lenses.

At Atwal Eye Care, we don’t want cost to get in the way of helping you achieve glasses-free vision. We offer 24-month interest-free financing options, with minimum monthly payments, to help work excellent vision into your monthly budget. We can discuss these options with you during your Cataract Consultation.

Contact us today at 896-8831 to learn more about cataract surgery options and cataract surgery financing.

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