CATALYS Laser Cataract Surgery

CATALYS® Laser for Blade-free Cataract Surgery

Incisions during cataract surgery are necessary to allow your surgeon to gently break up and remove the cloudy lens. Your new replacement Intraocular Lens (IOL) is also put into place through this incision.

Traditional cataract surgery involves making the incision with a hand-held blade. While this method can still be effective, we have also invested in blade-free cataract surgery technology: the CATALYS® Precision Laser System.


This femtosecond technology uses automated, computer-controlled laser pulses to create incisions on the lens capsule, crystalline lens and cornea for precisely tailored and accurate results. Each procedure is based on a high-resolution, 3D surgical platform for both the incision and lens fragmentation. For most patients, the procedure takes between 15-30 minutes and only causes mild discomfort after the procedure.

Benefits of Blade-free Cataract Surgery

  • Procedure is quicker and more comfortable
  • Surgery is more precise for your unique eye and results are more accurate
  • Surrounding tissue is protected
  • A 3D map is made of your eye prior to surgery and used during each step of the procedure to allow your doctor to provide an individually tailored treatment plan
  • The laser is programmable and computer-guided
  • May reduce the risks associated with increased eye pressure due to a liquid optics interface

To find out if laser cataract surgery is right for you, contact us today to schedule a cataract consultation.

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