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The appearance of your eyelids can either make you look alert and rejuvenated or tired and even angry.  If your upper or lower eyelids have become droopy (ptosis), puffy or heavy, they can impede your vision creating a heavy feeling on your face.   Genetics and advancing age are often to blame for eyelid problems.

Through blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Dr. Ephraim Atwal can remove excess, loose skin and reduce prominent fat pads in the lower and/or upper eyelids. This is one of the most common plastic surgical procedures; in fact, over  200,000 eyelid surgeries were done in 2012, according to recent reports.

Blepharoplasty is typically performed as outpatient surgery. The procedure involves making an incision along the natural fold of your upper eyelid and/or below the crease in your lower eyelid in order to remove excess skin, fat and muscle. Incision(s) are made in the most inconspicuous areas possible to minimize the visibility of scarring.

The incisions are closed with small sutures, skin adhesives or surgical tape. It may take one week to recover after eyelid surgery during which time the eyelids may be puffy, red or bruised.

To learn more about how eyelid surgery can improve your appearance and your vision, please contact Atwal Eye Care at 896-8831 today to schedule a Cosmetic Consultation.

Ptosis Repair
Help for Droopy Eyelids

Many people take their tight eyelids for granted. But for those who have droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis, this condition can be embarrassing and it may even impede a person’s vision. People of any age can have ptosis, but it is most commonly seen in older adults.

Ptosis can be caused by:

  • Loosening of eyelid skin and muscle tone due to advancing age
  • Congenital (birth) defect
  • Eye injury
  • Weakening of the eyelid muscles (levator muscles)
  • Systemic diseases
  • Medical disorders or tumors

At Atwal Eye Care, we perform eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to correct drooping eyelids by removing excess skin and tightening the eyelid muscles to improve both vision and appearance.

If you are bothered by droopy eyelids, please contact us today at 896-8831 to schedule a Cosmetic Consultation.

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