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LASIK for Night Owls: Improving Vision for Nocturnal Lifestyles

Whether they’re burning the midnight oil to tackle work projects, indulging in late-night hobbies or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of the late hours, night owls embrace the darkness as their domain. For these nocturnal beings, having good vision is paramount because it allows them to navigate the dimly lit world around them with confidence and clarity. From reading under the soft glow of a lamp to navigating darkened streets with ease, sharp vision ensures that night owls can fully embrace the magic of the nighttime hours.

Night vision changes are not uncommon as you age. For kids, night vision often outshines that of adults for a few key reasons. Children’s larger pupils let more light into their eyes, helping them to see better in the dark. Clearer lenses and higher concentration of rod cells in the retina give kids an edge in spotting those shadows and shapes when the lights are low. So, it’s no surprise that children are often the first to spot things in the dark. 

Because of the natural changes to the eye due to aging, refractive errors of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism are among the most common vision issues in adults. During the day, refractive errors can cause blurred vision, difficulty focusing on objects at certain distances and eye strain. At night, refractive errors may exacerbate certain visual challenges due to decreased lighting conditions.  Enter LASIK—the revolutionary procedure that not only transforms your daytime vision from sunrise to sunset but also unlocks the secrets hidden under the canopy of the night sky.

By precisely sculpting the cornea’s curvature, LASIK enhances the eye’s ability to focus light directly onto the retina, resulting in sharper and clearer vision. This improved optical clarity not only transforms daytime vision but also unlocks the potential for enhanced night vision, reducing glare, halos and other visual disturbances that can impede nighttime activities. Patients may opt for customized LASIK that utilizes wavefront technology that creates a detailed map of the eye. This data contains even the tiniest flaws within the shape of the cornea to correct higher aberrations. These aberrations including coma, trefoil and spherical aberrations, scatter light rays entering the eye, leading to blurred or distorted vision and reducing contrast sensitivity. These visual disturbances also cause glare, halos, starburst and ghosting around lights. 
To maximize the potential for improved night vision outcomes with refractive surgery, it’s essential to undergo a thorough preoperative evaluation with an experienced eye care provider who can assess your unique visual needs and candidacy for the procedure. Like a beacon in the dark, LASIK for night owls emerges as a transformative solution, improving vision for nocturnal lifestyles. If your vision is not the best that it can be, it’s time to discuss your LASIK options. Contact Atwal Eye at 716-892-2020 or WEBSITE.