LASIK Surgery Day

What to Expect on LASIK Surgery Day

LASIK is a procedure that is performed right in our office. Our entire staff will work hard to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your surgery day visit which will take only a couple of hours. Although your time in our surgical suite will only take minutes, we need a little extra time to have you complete last-minute paperwork, and rest before and after the procedure.

If you are feeling especially anxious, we can provide relaxation medication to help calm your nerves.

Diagram illustrating the six steps of LASIK.

Here is how the surgery process will go:

  • You will relax on a comfortable bed.
  • Numbing anesthetic eye drops will be placed into your eyes.
  • Your doctor will perform one last check on your vision.
  • A special tool will be placed into your eyes to keep your eyes open.
  • Your doctor will create a thin flap on your cornea. We can perform this step using a laser (blade-free LASIK). You may feel a light sensation of pressure, but most people describe it as “painless”.
  • The flap is folded back to allow access to the underlying corneal tissue.
  • An excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea by removing small amounts of corneal tissue according to your unique refractive error. This step takes just minutes to accomplish. Eye tracking technology will detect the slightest eye movement and stop the laser until the eye is in perfect position again.
  • The flap is placed into proper position where it begins to heal immediately.
  • You will then rest in our pre-op area.
  • When your doctor gives the ok, you will be free to have a friend drive you home so you can rest.

The next morning, most patients wake up to life with clear vision, although it may take a few months for your vision to completely stabilize.

LASIK Surgery at Atwal Eye Care

After LASIK Surgery

Some patients experience temporary eye discomfort after LASIK surgery including:

  • Mild foreign body sensation
  • Itching or burning
  • Hazy vision
  • Watering
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dry eyes

It is important to avoid rubbing your eyes while your corneal flap heals to avoid infection or other complications. Discuss any of these conditions at your post-op appointment and contact your doctor if they continue.

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