KAMRA Procedure

Reduce or Eliminate Your Need for Reading Glasses

It happens to almost everyone: starting around age 40 it becomes difficult to read things up close. Even if you’ve had great vision your entire life, this condition called presbyopia can make it necessary to use reading glasses to read text messages, medicine bottles, restaurant menus, magazines and more.

If you find wearing readers is embarrassing or frustrating, we have a solution: the KAMRA™ Inlay.

The KAMRA Inlay is an FDA-approved treatment to restore near vision. By inserting this thin disk in one eye, the inlay can reduce or even eliminate your need for reading glasses. The process works by using a pinhole opening to control how light enters the eye so improved close-up vision can be achieved without affecting distance vision. Our KAMRA Inlay doctors in Buffalo, New York, have had great success with this procedure. 

Benefits of the KAMRA Inlay

  • Invisible and comfortable
  • Distance vision is not affected
  • Procedure takes just 20 minutes to complete
  • Vision improvement may be seen in 24 hours
  • Most patients resume normal activities within 24-48 hours
  • Removable, if necessary

If you are noticing a change in your near vision, contact us today to find out if the KAMRA Inlay is right for your eyes.

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