Advanced Technology for Advanced Results

Atwal Eye Care / Buffalo Eye Care Associates is committed to providing our patients with the very latest technology for the best vision results possible.

Allegretto Wave Eye-Q® for LASIK Eye Surgery

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q takes laser vision correction to a new The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q is the fastest excimer laser system available in the United States for the treatment of both nearsightedness and farsightedness, even eliminating the need for lenses in many patients. As of January 2008, Atwal Eye Care is one of only 15 sites in the United States offering this treatment.

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q incorporates PerfectPulse™ Technology for increased speed, precision and safety during the procedure. Smart energy control measures and adjusts energy levels in the laser pulse from creation to delivery. High-speed eye tracking charts the eye’s movement 200 times per second. As a result, every laser pulse is completely controlled, achieving the most accurate level of correction possible.

Blade-free LASIK

Using our Ziemer Femtosecond laser, we are able to provide All-laser LASIK for our patients. No scalpel will touch your eyes during the creation of your corneal flap, which reduces the risk of complications. And the quality of post-operative vision is better than with any other method.

There is much more to learn about our technology. Schedule your LASIK Consultation today to get all of the details about advanced LASIK technology at Atwal Eye Care / Buffalo Eye Care Associates.

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