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Great Vision for Life

Your eyes are continually changing throughout your life. The vision you are born with (20/20 vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc.) will not be the exact same vision you have later in life. At Atwal Eye Care, we have found that most vision changes fall into these categories:

The experienced team at Atwal Eye Care can tackle any vision challenge you experience – at every milestone of your life. Our goal is to keep you living an excellent quality of life and enjoying all of your daily activities by improving your vision.

Please Join Us for our Upcoming
Open House

Seminar with Live LASIK
Procedure & Tours

Thursday, May 23rd @ 5:30pm
3095 Harlem Road
Cheektowaga, NY



What's New at Atwal Eye Care

Laser Vision Correction Options

Refractive laser surgery for vision correction has made tremendous advances over the last several decades. Today, many different options exist to help the majority of people who wear glasses or contact lenses reduce or eliminate their dependence on their corrective…...

What Happens at My Consultation

One of our skilled doctors will begin the Evaluation process with a thorough exam. After a review of your medical history, we will perform corneal topography testing and examine your corneal thickness. This exam requires your eyes to be fully…...

Vision Correction Center

For All Ages

From LASIK to Eliminating Reading Glasses,
Atwal Eye Care has you Covered!


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