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Recognizing Female Champions: Atwal CEO, Deborah Davis

Atwal Eye Care CEO, Deborah Davis has been with the company for nearly four decades, and is an inspirational leader both within the company and out in the community. During International Women’s Month, we celebrate Davis and the many women who are part of the Atwal Eye Care fabric. 

Hear more in our Q&A with Davis about her unstoppable career and what makes her heart tick in her professional role. 

Thank you for sitting down with us Debbie! Tell us, how many years have you been with Atwal Eye Care?

Next month, it will be 37 years!

What inspired you to have a career in ophthalmology?

My late grandmother was legally blind as far back as I can remember.  She meant the world to me and was my driving force in choosing ophthalmology as my career path.

How many women does Atwal Eye Care employee? 

We have 60 women on staff, which is 85% of our team.

What opportunities do women in the Atwal workplace have? 

We support growth within our team by offering certification support for interested employees. For example, an employee that we hire to be an ophthalmic assistant with no experience in ophthalmology, we train and offer them certification opportunities such as becoming a certified ophthalmic assistant. We are a family friendly employer and offer flexibility and understanding with family situations.

Why is it important to invest in female leaders at Atwal Eye Care?

I believe that when more women are empowered to lead, everyone benefits. Not only does it create diversity within companies, I believe leadership relies on skills that come easily to women, such as determination, attention to detail and measured thinking. The female brain is naturally wired for long-term strategic vision and community building.

Thank you, Debbie for sitting down and also for the continuous inspiration you offer!